If the cartoonish violence and R-rated hijinks of Marvel’s potty-mouthed Deadpool makes you immediately think of Celine Dion, well… 1. What’s wrong with you? And 2. You’e not the only one, apparently.

The prolific Canadian diva appears alongside the offbeat superhero in the video for “Ashes,” an admittedly stunning ballad recorded for the Deadpool 2 soundtrack.

The video, which debuted on Good Morning America on Thursday (May 3), features Dion belting onstage in a luxurious concert hall, while Deadpool pirouettes and leaps around her in a surprisingly graceful manner. (That really you in there, Ryan Reynolds?)

It’s all class and elegance until the very end, when Deadpool requests a second take, claiming that Dion was simply “too good” for Deadpool 2 and needs to take her vocal performance “down to a 5.”

Rolling with the punches, the celebrated vocalist snaps back, “This thing only goes to 11, so beat It, Spider-Man!” Ouch.