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The U2 album “Joshua Tree” topped a list of the greatest ’80s albums.  “Brothers in Arms” by Dire Straits was second, followed by the Stone Roses‘ self-titled album.

The ’80s are probably better known for SINGLES and ONE-HIT WONDERS than ALBUMS . . . but yesterday was National Album Day in the U.K., so the BBC conducted a survey to find the best albums of the ’80s.

Since it’s a foreign list, a few local favorites did better than they would’ve in the States . . . stuff like the Scottish band Deacon Blue, the British band ABC, and the Stone Roses beat out Michael Jackson.  But it’s still interesting.

Here’s the Top 20:

1.  U2“The Joshua Tree”

2.  Dire Straits“Brothers in Arms”

3.  The Stone Roses“The Stone Roses”

4.  Michael Jackson“Thriller”

5.  Guns N’ Roses“Appetite for Destruction”

6.  The Human League“Dare”

7.  The Smiths“The Queen Is Dead”

8.  Paul Simon“Graceland”

9.  ABC“The Lexicon of Love”

10.  Prince“Purple Rain”

11.  Kate Bush“Hounds of Love”

12.  Duran Duran“Rio”

13.  Tears for Fears“Songs from the Big Chair”

14.  Bruce Springsteen“Born in the USA”

15.  AC/DC“Back in Black”

16.  Deacon Blue“Raintown”

17.  Frankie Goes to Hollywood“Welcome to the Pleasuredome”

18.  INXS“Kick”

19.  George Michael“Faith”

20.  Pet Shop Boys“Actually”



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