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A woman wanted to sell her ’96 Honda, so her boyfriend made a fake commercial for it that went viral over the weekend. It looks like a new car ad you’d see on TV, with an announcer, smooth music, and drone footage of the car driving on a coastal highway.

It’s also funny. It features the tag line, “Luxury is a state of mind” and it shows her in the car doing non-luxury things like popping in a cassette and making a pot of coffee. They also let you know it has 141,000 miles and the asking price is $499.

The video had a link to eBay for people to bid on it, and the bidding got up to more than $150,000 at one point . . . but the auction ended last night and it looks like the bids were cancelled.  The car is for sale here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/253244828577

Oh, and before you ask…  No, it doesn’t come with the cat.

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